Petra is committed to the total development of students minds, hearts and bodies. Yet first and foremost, we are a school – one that works diligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence. A vision of seasoned educationists who have interacted with youths academically, socially, spiritually and psychologically for a period of over 35 years. Having accumulated experiences over the years with this age group, we are sufficiently equipped to raise a generation that will be fully adjusted to play meaningful roles in today’s changing society.

At Petra we provide an education that is based on Christian principles. We however welcome children irrespective of their family's religious beliefs.

Today’s parents have genuine fears of peer group and societal influence on their children/ ward. Whereas achievement of success in academic activities is enough to worry about, keeping children out of social dangers has been added. Such social problems like drug addictions sexual immorality, cultism and so on, have been threatening academic success, which parents are particular about.

At Petra Schools, these and related issues have been analyzed and effective remedial programs have been put in place to frustrate negative societal influence on students.


We are set to achieve the following laudable objectives:

1.  Help students develop the attitude of hard work through motivation. Such motivation include a variety of games and leisure activities

2. Help students develop interest in education for its intrinsic value through introduction to well equipped and well organised library, Laboratory, Art Studios, 

3. Development of self-confidence and co-operative spirit in students, through the well programmed Petra Club activities:

4.  Ensuring that Petra graduates have been exposed to functional education in vocations such as bead making, make-up, gele tying, computer graphics design, pencil work, paper work, Music, computer programming, carpentry, electronics, sign writing, etc.

5. Offering a service to the community in general by providing an education that is of high quality and as low a cost as possible.